8 Tips to Increase Your Homes Value and Learn What Appraisers Look for a Home

8 Tips to Increase Your Homes Value and Learn What Appraisers Look for a Home

What Appraisers Look for a Home

There are many reasons why people sell their homes. Some are moving out into a nicer
property, while some are selling their home to earn a profit. Regardless of the reason why you
are putting your house on the market, there'ss one thing that you should do first in order to
maximize your earnings for your home, and that is to increase your home's value.
But before you decide to enlist your home to a real estate company for selling, you first need
to know what appraisers look for in a home. It'ss important to understand these factors so
you'll at least have an idea whether potential buyers will think that your house is appealing or
worth looking at and, in the long run, how much you will be able to earn when you convince
them to take it off your hands.

Below are the following factors that appraisers usually look for in a home. Read on and
familiarize yourself so that you would know the process.

(1.) Location

Location is key, of course. The first thing that buyers ensure when they pick their next abode
is that it is in a great and safe destination. If your house is located in a good neighborhood, or
near many points of interest within your place of residence, or if your home simply has great
views, then it would certainly boost your home'ss value.
It's one of the top factors that one should consider when buying a home for yourself or your
family, and especially if you're looking to re-sell it.

In addition to the address and the neighborhood, the actual site where your home is located is
another important factor. There's a lot of things consider when it comes to the site.
From its topography to its landscaping, down to the size of the lot where your house stands,
these are all the things that matter to appraisers and the ones that they look over.

(2) Condition

You might want to check up on the condition of your home as well. There are some people
who choose to buy a home as is, while some also go for a renovation.
There are many things to consider such as the age of your home. Some buyers prefer classic
homes that ooze with old-world charm, while some opt for abodes with contemporary
designs, so this is one thing you can ponder on.
In addition, safety is an important factor. Is your home compliant to all the health codes? Are
there any signs of deterioration? If so, then you might want to consider doing some repairs to
make your home more attractive for potential buyers when it's time for you to show your
home or do an open house.

(3) Design

The design of your home is also important because it is one of the things that appraisers and
buyers look at. Did the construction workers and engineers do a good job in making the
house? Were they able to create a quality home, one that you wished for?

What Appraisers Look for a Home


These are the indicators for a good property design. It's important to look at the structure and
design of your house the way a buyer would look at it. Potential buyers also look at the
functionality of the house. If your property is a beach house, it would more likely appeal for
those who are looking for vacation homes.

(4) Features

What's inside your house is as important as what can be found outside. Appraisers will want
to look at how many cars will fit into your garage, what kind of furniture and appliances are
installed, the lighting, etcetera.
Some will also be looking for a swimming pool or a landscaped garden, so it's important to
know what buyers will want to have in their home. Ultimately, investing in good décor and
appliances are just as helpful when it comes to increasing the value of your home.

Now that you know some of the factors that are considered by home appraisers in
determining the value of your property, you need to take on several steps to increase your
home'ss value. Whether big or small, these steps will help put a bigger price on your property
when you place it on the market.

Here are some tips which will hopefully be of use to you in increasing your
property's value:


What Appraisers Look for a Home

(5) Hire a house inspector

When it comes to assessing what needs to be improved, removed, or changed on your house,
a professional's opinion is what is needed. One should not skimp on hiring a house inspector
just because you think it's unnecessary.

Your house may look fine and dandy through your perspective, but you never know if it's
infested by termites unless it's seen by an expert. It's important to know what's wrong with
your house first so you're able to do something about it, instead of having to figure it out
through the contractor.
These things can harm your property's value, so with the help of the professional, you'll at
least be ready to fix the problems of your house.

(6) Work on the renovations and repairs 

Once you know what's wrong with your house, it's time you act on them and fix them. It's
okay to splurge on the little improvements and upgrades when you know that it will be worth
it in the end.
Whether it's re-tiling your bathroom or updating the color scheme of your kitchen, small
things will do wonders for your home and in turn, will be helpful in increasing its value.

(7) Focus on beautifying the most important rooms of your house

Sure, the bedrooms are important because that's your own private space but almost everyone
decides to re-decorate their room to make it truly their own.

One of the first room that buyers look at when they visit a home is the bathroom. So, to make
your bathroom appealing to the public, it's important to keep it clean always. If your tiles
have gotten grimy, maybe it's time to re-grout.
You may even want to upgrade your sink, faucet, and shower. Likewise, the kitchen is where
much of your time is spent so it's important to keep it spick and span.
You can update the color of the kitchen and you can even improve on some of its features
like the counter and the sink to make it more appealing.

(8) Bank on curb appeal

When you drive along the neighborhood to your house, does it stand out among others? Or
does it look like a place you don't want to live in? Like it does with people, first impressions
are also important when looking at potential homes, especially if there are other houses that
are up for sale in your neighborhood.
In this case, you need to make sure that yours stands out. To do this, you might want to invest
in a beautiful landscape and front lawn.

A good lighting system is also a plus. Of course, the façade and inside of your home must be
clean. Even if the interiors of your home are amazing, if the outside does not already give you

a "wow factor" some won't think that it's worth looking at.

Remember: The packaging is just
as important as the gift itself.

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